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Fairy garden Pea Puffs

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My partner wanted to start their own tank and naturally gravitated towards pea puffs. So here is the tank getting ready to be setup I still need to paint the stand white to go with the rest of the furniture so the tank looks dirty from the dirt/fluval stratum mix that was put in.

The cherub is a resin bust planter. When my partner gets back from their travels we will be picking out plants and what else to put in here to provide activity for the pea puffs.


tank is a aquatop 12g high that was going to house isopods but after several failed attempts I gave up and moved that project to the 12g bookcase tank that used to house gobes. Filter is a shiruba canister and the light is I believe a hygger plant light w/moon setting.


More to come! And also if the diction in this journal changes it is because my partner may commandeer it. ☺️ 


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On 4/22/2024 at 6:29 AM, Guppysnail said:

I think a cherub is the perfect pea tank decor.  Looking forward to seeing the tank come alive. 

Because it’s such a perfect fit with their cuteness and such a nice contrast with their behavior!  😆 

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