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Fish Food Reccomendations

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Lort! Well, I would like to remind you that you ASKED for this… I take no responsibility for your reaction 😂

I feed twice daily

 Morning feeding I cycle between 3 Staple foods and evening feedings between 2 Bottom feeder foods and 5 frozen/freeze dried foods 

mornings are 1 of 3  : Xtreme Nano Pellets,  Bug Bites Pellets or Bug Bites flakes

evenings for bottom feeders are either Xtreme Bottom Feeder wafers or Repashy (Soilent green, Bottom Scratchers, or Community plus- whichever I made that week)

evenings for the rest of the tank is 1 of 5: freeze dried Tubifex worms  Frozen Brine Shrimp, Frozen Baby Brine, Frozen Mysis Shrimp or Frozen Blood worms

Once or twice a week I toss in a blanched or canned veggie (cucumber, zucchini or green beans) for the Otocinclus and BN Pleco

Sundays is fasting day


Yes, I know I’m extra

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For cories, I like to feed larger foods. My current prefs are bug bites pleco food (it’s the same as all their other pellets, just a larger piece) and the large size of vibra bites. When I feed these, I don’t have any other food for the top and middle swimming fish. I find that the cories do a good job nibbling away at the sinking foods, that releases enough particles in the water. The other fish get more than enough.

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You can use Repashy gel food, it a sinking food that comes in all sorts of versions from planty stuff to meaty stuff and even woody stuff, 

also cories like shrimp pellets

and they LOVE worms, frozen blood worms, live bloodworms,frozen blackwoorms, and live blackworms are all amazing options 

imo the best way to feed them is to give them a few different sinking pellets,sticks,wafers as a staple, then supplement with frozen foods like blood worms, and once or twice a week giving them live blood worms 

The platies will like all sorts of frozen foods flakes and small pellets

Miskito fish will eat bacicly the same as platies

And idk what a Garra is

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