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I've been here for a month but Hi!

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I've been setting up a planted 10 gallon for the first time ever so I haven't exactly had time to make a good intro post, but hello! I'm not exactly new to the hobby but I am new to plants and snails so I still have a lot to learn.


This is my planted tank it's about a month old so I'm still dialing it in. My main issue is my red root floaters melting slightly but that's probably because they're new to the tank.


This is Kaz, my black crown tail male. Though, he stopped being black pretty soon after I got him and now he's more Dr.Pepper red and silver. I've had him for almost 2 years and moved him from his 5 gallon tank with fake decor to this one. He has one dream in life and it is to one day bite the hand that feeds him.


This is Slurp the Chestnut mystery snail. I've never had a snail before and I've only had him for about 3 weeks but I'm feeding him calcium rich food and he has plenty of exploring space. He has a routine that makes no sense to me but it involves parasnailing every night at 6pm.

That's the whole tank! It's still new so it will probably change a lot in the future but I'm pretty happy with where it's at.

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