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  1. My betta is a little jerk and thinks anything that floats or he sees sinking is his food, which wouldn't be a problem if some of my snail's food wasn't him sized. I don't think it would be a problem for him to eat it necessarily, it's just the pellets expand in the water after a bit and that will cause issues when/if he eats them. Any ideas on how to get him to leave the sinking food alone? I've tried distracting him with his own food and dropping the snail food in while he's eating but he usually makes a mad dash for it before it hits the ground. I basically have a Labrador in my tank who will eat any moving garbage and I can't exactly hold my fish by the collar while I feed the other one. Also tank update: I have a lot of new plant growth and everything seems stable so far. I haven't had any plant melting or any dead stock (yay!). So I think I'm doing reasonably well with my first planted tank or I'm just stupid lucky. The fern and the anubius in the back left are growing pretty well. The rat in question covered in bubbles because I just did a water change and he likes to fight the water flow. My poor innocent bystander (no idea what we're trying to accomplish here).
  2. I've been setting up a planted 10 gallon for the first time ever so I haven't exactly had time to make a good intro post, but hello! I'm not exactly new to the hobby but I am new to plants and snails so I still have a lot to learn. This is my planted tank it's about a month old so I'm still dialing it in. My main issue is my red root floaters melting slightly but that's probably because they're new to the tank. This is Kaz, my black crown tail male. Though, he stopped being black pretty soon after I got him and now he's more Dr.Pepper red and silver. I've had him for almost 2 years and moved him from his 5 gallon tank with fake decor to this one. He has one dream in life and it is to one day bite the hand that feeds him. This is Slurp the Chestnut mystery snail. I've never had a snail before and I've only had him for about 3 weeks but I'm feeding him calcium rich food and he has plenty of exploring space. He has a routine that makes no sense to me but it involves parasnailing every night at 6pm. That's the whole tank! It's still new so it will probably change a lot in the future but I'm pretty happy with where it's at.
  3. He's in there now! I let it sit for another week and I'm keeping a close eye on my water. No issues so far but fingers crossed!
  4. It's been a little over a week so not quite. But I might just leave it if only for my betta to sit in the ich treatment for a bit longer in the other tank.
  5. The right side has either an anubius nano or an anubius barteri (they were the same size when i bought them so i dont know which is which) and a bucephalandra brownie.
  6. A bacteria starter and I sprinkled some fish food to break down for ammonia. It would take me some effort to get it bottled unfortunately since my closest pet stores are big box locations.
  7. So I've been cycling a 10 gallon tank for a little over a week with Seachem Stability and live plants. I saw an increase in nitrites 2 days ago (about 1ppm) and did a 20% water change to get rid of some sludge and the nitrites. I tested the water with the api master test kit today and nitrite, nitrate, and ammonia were all at 0ppm. I currently have my betta in a 5 gallon while the tank is cycling and he's getting over a little bit of ich but I'm wondering if I can move him over soon? He's very not happy in his bare bones 5 gallon and I'd love to see him in his new home. (Here's a photo of the tank as is today. Its my first time doing a planted tank so I'm super nervous about it)
  8. I'm currently cycling a 10 gallon and the banana plant I have in there does not look great. It was shipped to me in below zero Temps and it sat in my 5 gallon for 2 days until I was able to get the 10 gallon set up. Currently it's covered in algae or biofilm and I don't know if that's a bad thing? It's hard to tell of I need to intervene, let nature take its course, or remove it from the tank all together. Any thoughts?
  9. They were hard shelled so I'm pretty sure they were nerite eggs but I ended up picking them off my plants and setting them in the trash just so I didn't mess up any plumbing.
  10. Hello! I recently just got into aquarium plants and some of them have some Nerite snail eggs attached. Does anyone know of a good way to get rid of them? Letting them run down the drain feels wrong somehow.
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