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Luxilus cerasinus - Crescent Shiner

Fish Folk

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Having become very fascinated these last several years with native north American fish (NANF), I am on a mission to select a most beautiful + most effective three-species tank arrangement that can, theoretically work for breeding, aesthetics, etc.

One species that I have not studied much is the Crescent Shiner (Luxilus cerasinus). In breeding colors, it is a stunner. Look at these photos and videos...



Man, just when you think you've seen it all . . . these fish are fantastic looking. Unfortunately, there are relatively few examples of them in home aquaria. I hope to learn why that is.

Their native range appears to be like this on the map:




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I normally catch a few every year and kept some before. They normally require a bigger aquarium due to their size and attitude. 

They can be a bully and with their bigger size, larger mouth ...smaller fish will get pick off. I believe my son have a small group growing outside in his tub. We may try to work with them if we had the space. 

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