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Thinking Too Hard About Hardscape


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I’m setting up an ADA 45P. I nerded out and spent too much money for a ten gallon tank:)

It will be a low tech (no Co2) set up for now. I have a Twin Star light

I bought some Elephant Skin Stone and have been playing with hardscape ideas.  I’m trying to create a pocket in the back corner(s) for aquasoil and stem plants. The foreground will be sand and a bit of gravel that matches the stone.

Which is your favorite? I’ve played with other layouts, these are my best so far. 

*the grey stones would be another direction entirely. I’d want more stones to make a walled area for planting, but love that triangular one (had to buy it).

Inhabitants will likely be Pygmy Corys, Endlers, and shrimp. I’m thinking some easy red plants for the stems, and Anubias in the cracks. Crypts likely as well in the gaps and just in front of the rocks.




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