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  1. So many layers happening in this thing. It continues to amaze me.
  2. Thanks, I recognize there are many species it could be. I think the picture is also lacking in detail. They are quite small (maybe 2 cm at most). They wiggle, do not seem able to swim up, but make lateral movement in the water. The fish have eaten them. I don’t see any ill effects in fish, shrimp, or plants. They have been present many months at this point. I find it odd they are living in the roots of the floating plants, mostly the salvinia. im just hoping they are nothing harmful. I’m all for a variety of micro fauna. There are many things living in my tanks I know little about at that tiny level.
  3. I’ve noticed these little wriggly worm things living in my floating plant roots. They wriggle through the water when I knock the plants about. The white clouds like eating them when I do that. They camouflage very well in the roots otherwise. Detritus worm? I’m hoping they aren’t anything nefarious. They gross me out a bit. Especially when I reach my hand in and floating plants stick to my arm. I know they are there, too. Bleh.
  4. So, I spend $108 on rocks (hi, my name is…and I’m a tank-a-holic). I figured 44lbs of Seiryu stone at that price works out to about $2.50 per pound, which is way better than I can find in any dedicated shop. My wife, and maybe everyone I know, think I’ve got rocks for brains, but I’m pretty excited. Considering I didn’t know what the rocks would actually look like (blind bag style), I’m happy with the results. Now, I just need another couple tanks…
  5. This thing is busting out of its glass.
  6. Wow, this tank has changed a lot in a year. It’s now home to 8 exclamation point rasbora.
  7. Continues to grow and change. Almost three months in. Easy maintenance. Spray a couple times a day, change water once a week. Trim some things that try escaping the glass. Fun to see the plants grow in different ways than underwater.
  8. Trimmed plants, cleaned glass and HOB filter, and swapped out some water. The exclamation point rasboras really don’t like when I mess their house, but has to be done I guess.
  9. This is about four weeks old now, I think. Set it up just after Christmas. I had it under plastic the first three weeks. Now it open to the atmosphere and I spray it a couple times a day.
  10. My first attempt at a Wabi Kusa. I used Christmas moss, some kind of Ludwigia, Brazilian Pennywort, some Monte Carlo, a bit of Pogstemun Octopus, and some other stuff. All trimmings from my tanks except the moss.
  11. Thanks all. I will trim dodgy leaves and let the rest be.
  12. I’ve seen people hack crypts down to the ground. Is there a benefit to doing so every once in awhile? I’ve not trimmed these at all.
  13. This is my longest running tank. Set it up Oct. 2021. Had this bent white cloud in it since the beginning. I’ve put other white clouds in to grow out over time. He’s had this female in there for about a year now, though. Some shrimp and snails. Pics are from set up to today.
  14. Well, a couple months in and most things are going well. The chain sword isn’t very happy but it is growing where it hasn’t melted away. The Anubias are growing. The big one threw a leaf out of the water. The pogostemon and crypts are loving life. The peace lily and monstera are growing. Betta and shrimp are happy. This tank doesn’t take a ton of maintenance. I do have trim the roots of the peace lily, because they keep growing into the filter and around the heater. Should I trim the crypts? I’m always afraid to ruin them but I see people mow them down online and maybe that would make them less leggy. Idk. So many choices to make in this hobby.
  15. I’m setting up an ADA 45P. I nerded out and spent too much money for a ten gallon tank:) It will be a low tech (no Co2) set up for now. I have a Twin Star light. I bought some Elephant Skin Stone and have been playing with hardscape ideas. I’m trying to create a pocket in the back corner(s) for aquasoil and stem plants. The foreground will be sand and a bit of gravel that matches the stone. Which is your favorite? I’ve played with other layouts, these are my best so far. *the grey stones would be another direction entirely. I’d want more stones to make a walled area for planting, but love that triangular one (had to buy it). Inhabitants will likely be Pygmy Corys, Endlers, and shrimp. I’m thinking some easy red plants for the stems, and Anubias in the cracks. Crypts likely as well in the gaps and just in front of the rocks.
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