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What am I doing wrong


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On 8/29/2023 at 7:26 AM, LizardleFemme said:

I need advice on my severum.  No one is even answering. 

You posted your topics to wrong places and probably people have never seen them I believe. Ive checked your profile and saw you posted them to nowhere people would notice to help. You shouldve posted them to the Diseases section in the main page, just where you choose General Discussion. It is often visited there and people who face problems usually receive help

You may want to edit this topic and talk about your issue, share pics, don’t forget to mention your parameters etc to get the best possible help. Our mod friends may carry this topic to diseases section.

I am here tagging @Colu @Odd Duck . I understand you being worried about your fish friend’s situation but we are all from different parts of the world so it may take time for people to see the forum based on their time zone

@Guppysnail could you please move the topic to diseases section once it is edited by the creator?


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On 8/29/2023 at 4:40 AM, LizardleFemme said:

Green severum very ill after multiple medical procedures. 

I need advice from experts. At least someone who knows more than I do. 

Do you want photos?

What are your water parameters ammonia nitrite nitrate pH etc what tanks mates does he have as that could an injury due to fighting and what medication have you used 

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Yes, please help us to help you.  We need much more information in order to be able to give smart advice.

Please tell us as many of these answers as you can:

Tank size:

Type of filtration:

How frequent and amount of water changes:

Tank mates:








Planted or not:

What type of hardscape (since that looks to be an injury):

And finally, what types of procedures you’ve already done.  When I say procedure, I’m talking about surgeries.  When I say treatments, I’m talking about medications.  Can you please clarify what you mean by “medical procedures”?  Please list all treatments already done with details about each of the treatments: how long treatments were done, how the treatments were administered (medications in food, medications in water, topical medications, etc).

The more information we have, the better quality advice you will get back.  Feel free to copy this post and add your answers.  If you don’t have all the information on each water parameter, fill in what you can and tell us if you don’t have that test available.  And please tell us how you are getting your answers - what type of test you’re doing - test strips, drop tests like API Master Test Kit, having a fish store run the tests on your water, etc.

Oh, and whole tank pics along with pics over time of the affected area if you have them.

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