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What is this in my aquariums?

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Hello everyone,

A few weeks ago I started to notice this small organism in my 5 gallon. A few days ago, the filter in my 5 gallon went out so I thought it was because of that. I am now noticing the same bug in my 75, 5 and 10 gallon aquariums. The video and photo are from my 10g. All of the aquariums have very low current because they all have bettas. Does anyone know what this is? I was able to get the photo on the the video was too long so the link is below. Thanks!



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Cyclops are a much prized, first class fish food.

I think almost every body of natural freshwater has cyclops in it, so even a drop of water introduced (when adding plants, shrimp, snails, etc.) to the aquarium could contain either adults or their eggs.

Pruning away parts of the ecosystem of an aquarium leaving only the fish is probably counterproductive to the aquarium and the fish. Sure, I will remove dragonfly larva from my aquarium, but most of the other interesting biology that spontaneously shows up is likely beneficial or at worst neutral.


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