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Found 7 results

  1. I have been seasoning my 3.5gallon for a little while now, and tonight I was stopped to look at it for a second. I'm pretty sure I saw Cyclops and planaria in the tank. I didn't put them there on purpose. Where could they have come from?
  2. Can you help me figure out what they are? There seems to be 2 tiny species, but my eyes won't focus on them. One seems to be a white worm, not even a millimeter long. I found 3, all on the glass. They move very slowly, but I can tell that they curve back and forth. The other is dozens of white specks, barely bigger than flour. I can tell they're more oblong than round. They can swim, and seem to move through the water similarly to the jerky motions of baby brine. Most are on the glass, Though I can tell they move across the glass pretty quickly, I can't see any details about how they're doing it. (In the last few days, I've received plants from 2 places, and snails from another. I assume these critters came on plants.) I've been wanting microfauna, so I'm pretty excited. Can you tell me what they're likely to be? And is there anything I should know to help me keep their populations alive?
  3. So I miss identified these guys as parasites, and the lovely community here has helped me identify them as helpful things and that I want to keep. so now the question begs how do I keep these things, are there certain things I should be doing or should I just leave it alone and let it do its thing
  4. this was my community 10gal of assorted guppy/ albino corridora's/American Glass shrimp and a couple nitrite snails and a pleco that started my multiple tank syndrome Edit 2 I don't test my water so I couldn't tell you what it is but it's Southern Illinois so just stupid hard water is all I know but I use natural regulator seven as my water conditioner so idk and they just got done with a set of API fungus, bacterial and parasite meds and salt. Edit 3 Okay y'all after much research and consulting, sadly this is a failed general cure run that has resulted in the contamination of my tanks Live and learn I guess. Edit 4 ,so with more research and the helpful people here I guess I've done a terrible identification and overreacted taking down most of my tanks, and I have to agree with the people here, it's Cyclops and deterias worms so in the name of discussion, what is the best thing have y'all used to treat parasites.
  5. https://kapwi.ng/c/oC12JeWa Hey guys! I have about a two month old shrimp tank and have been noticing these little guys on the glass. There seems to be at least two different kinds. Any idea what they are? Can they be harmful to shrimp or fish? Do I need to eradicate them? Thanks! (sorry about the background noise and my finger in the video)
  6. Hello everyone, A few weeks ago I started to notice this small organism in my 5 gallon. A few days ago, the filter in my 5 gallon went out so I thought it was because of that. I am now noticing the same bug in my 75, 5 and 10 gallon aquariums. The video and photo are from my 10g. All of the aquariums have very low current because they all have bettas. Does anyone know what this is? I was able to get the photo on the the video was too long so the link is below. Thanks! https://cvws.icloud-content.com/B/AYuAAvBTY1spudP8dv0iYKZqmaldAUy0vX2uEekBuAWbAQwwkURU-_cS/IMG_4429.MOV?o=AmMAxOKLVUfMROjeN9T14CGYl6TJ48iXaza1KsYr0PYe&v=1&x=3&a=CAogjPZ3-vMRxuXnJvm399bHIVJLklslN4F6WBS_r4RmcsYSdxDnyNft2y4Y59jSweUuIgEAKggByAD_FJRhG1IEapmpXVoEVPv3EmomuMWk8xSMNOC0LZ8w4dzRUSm2o2fRv7b8BBrJp82CSLbIzO7UBIJyJnUkPGvV2UdogTvpzhZdyNp9SU_mwg6tRottmDsnYvkb4v4DnTF9&e=1607797615&fl=&r=23E95446-05B7-469A-92B8-97AF47026567-1&k=gJbTbfyuJAD3-vocW9IrUg&ckc=com.apple.largeattachment&ckz=E18BF4A4-D707-4442-9A01-14E76C6FDD55&p=11&s=2sCOjHCpge1vBxL_hsb8xZZaEKE&teh=1
  7. Today I was taking from free frogbit gift to my LFS. I was asking what kinda fry food they had and they gave me a can of refrigerated Cyclops. I was wondering how well do they compare to BBS? They are very small and the fry seem to love em. I am looking into going to BBS but I'm still trying to save up for the hatchery 🙂
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