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Congo Puffer with Puffed Eye - Urgent please give advice


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My Congo puffers one eye is swollen and almost shut. I did a water change today (second picture). I woke up this morning and he was like this. 

The tank is heavily planted and when I did a water change the water was still clean, didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.

Does anybody know what this, or has dealt with this? Or know what to do? 

1st picture- picture of eye in question

2nd picture - picture after water change (one hour later, more inflamed)

3rd picture- before anything was wrong, healthy eye.




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I ran into something similar with my dragon puffer, super stressful. I never found out conclusively what it was but I was able to completely reverse it. I targeted multiple strains of bacteria. I used Maracyn and ick x first. It didn’t really seem to do anything so I made a decision to switch over to kanaplex fed in food. This almost immediately cleared things up in a matter of a few days. I’m not suggesting this same course of action will work for you or is the one you should take, I just wanted to chime in with something as I know exactly how you feel. I have pictures I never posted bc they were hard to look at that could be used for reference. It’s hard but there is hope, perhaps one of the forums disease experts can weigh in…

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What I would do is a course of maracyn2 in food the active ingredient minocycline also has anti-inflammatory properties and dose the tank with kanaplex the combined treatment provides a broad spectrum antibiotic treatment @Ashlyn


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