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Found 22 results

  1. Ph- 7.4 Nitrates- 10 ppm currently (usually lower but cannot do maintenance due to recent surgery) dKH- 10.0 dGH- 8.4 Nitrite- 0 ppm Ammonia- 0 ppm Water Temperature- 79F Due to significant issues with health, and problems with the aquarium and the livestock within it I’ve been having for months now, I have debated multiple times taking this aquarium down. But I have missed having an aquarium for many years, and I want to give this another go with possible solutions when I am able to. HERE IS A TIMELINE OF WHAT’S BEEN OCCURRING: (I’ve gone back and tracked everything up to when I got they shipped to me) DISCLAIMER: Not all of this could be connected to the same issue, treatments are severely limited based on what I can get, and this is just a log of everything I have noticed and have done since having them. JAN 21- Livestock arrived via shipping, 7 ricefish and 1 male betta splendens - Death of 1 ricefish minutes after acclimation - Decided to QT with salt for 2 weeks to start and dewormed with Fenbendazole FEB 1- Noticed a ricefish flash on gills, started API General Cure for 2 weeks -never observed more flashing after this moment FEB 11- Had Hydra (completely not an issue) and dosed Fenbendazole at a very low dose FEB 12- Second very low dose of Fenbendazole to eradicate Hydra FEB 13- Water changed out all medications FEB 16- Death of 1 ricefish after noticing isolation from other fish and some lethargy in the morning -started to swim more in the afternoon and died within minutes after -examined outside of body, possible minor bloating, but nothing else FEB 24- Eye issue on 1 ricefish, significant inflammation -also noticed flashing shortly after from 1 other ricefish -did large volume water change and then dosed API General Cure (decided to treat for parasites first, also got sick and couldn’t do anything to the aquarium at this time) MARCH 13- all issues from FEB 24 went away, and large volume water change was preformed to remove medications (went back to weekly water changes while I was recovering) MARCH 26- 1 ricefish excreting white waste (no more were observed) -did not medicate because no other symptoms were observed, digestive issue was speculated APRIL 1- surgery and rest of period of time is during recovery (cannot do much of anything during the rest of this time) APRIL 7- 1 ricefish euthanized after extreme lethargy, swimming pointed upwards, and escalating struggling was observed - eye issue in 1 other ricefish, suspected inflammation around the eye, more so the top, eye itself is completely clear -decided to give salt bath for 45 minutes to ricefish with eye issue (monitored every 15 minutes carefully, and released back into aquarium) APRIL 8- all issues from APRIL 7 continue, and 1 other ricefish shows significant reduction in appetite I cannot set up a quarantine tank for fish currently having issues due to my recent surgery. I am not sure what the issue is, but if more issues continue to persist after possible future treatments (based on the advice I get), I likely will speculate that it could Fish Tuberculosis, if the same symptoms persist. Due to my health issues, future needed invasive surgeries, and current recovery from my recent surgery, I am very limited in what I can do. I am very limited on what I can get, and what I can afford, due to recent medical bills. Any ideas on what could be going on is highly appreciated.
  2. i dont even know what to do anymore i feel like giving up entirely i found her with unilateral popeye in her tank, the parameters were fine and have been so in the tank for over a year. the popped eye was cloudy though i placed her into a quarantine tank, that i had to set up right then and there so it wasnt the ideal condition but i started to treat her with salt and the swelling went down a lot but the eye was still cloudy so i treated her with mardel maracyn the past few days she was eating fine but now she wont eat at all the top of her mouth has rotted away and there is a white protrusion from the bottom of the eye what do i even do i cant find furan 2 and everyone say get furan two, i have some in food form but she wont eat i started her on neoplex but i done know if that would work i dont know what to do anymore ive lost so many betta in the last few months i want to just quit entirely i cant handle so many of my babies dying left and right, i feel like ive killed them all
  3. Hi, I noticed earlier today that my betta seems to have injured his left eye again. It's swelled up and cloudy. It was injured once in January when netting him out of the aquarium. He injured himself again a few months later in a way I don't know the cause of. (I came home and noticed his left eye was cloudy and swelled up). Then I've noticed the same thing again today. I'm starting to wonder if there's something in his tank causing it. I've noticed him sleeping close to the heater so I'm wondering if that could be the cause, although I don't have anything definite so any other ideas are welcome. Thanks!
  4. Hello all my fish has some sort of growth on his/her eye and I’m not sure what it is or what to do for it. Can you please help!!?!?!
  5. i'm looking for meds to treat for cloudy eyes. I've looked everywhere and cant find api fin and body cure. what are some good alternatives? thanks so much for any suggestions.
  6. I have a 125g rainbowfish tank. both eyes on 2 of my rainbowfish have cloudy silver/grayish eyes. It started on 1 rainbow now there's 2 fish infected but so far no other fish has the cloudy eyes yet. Everything I read says treat with antibacterial medication. My question is should I just take the 2 infected rainbows out and treat in a 29g tank or do I need to treat the whole display. If I have to treat the whole display this is going to be much much more expensive. Thanks for any advice.
  7. Hello! I've had my Corydoras in a community tank with female betta Neptune. They've been together for well over half a year with no aggression whatsoever and recently one got attacked randomly from Neptune causing it to lose an eye. I quickly separated them and placed the corycat in a quarantine tank watching to see if the open wound could cause issues. I was wondering if I needed to worry about infection or what I could do to help the corycat heal. Thank you! (I apologize for the blurriness of the image)
  8. Water parameters: Nitrate: 10ppm Nitrite: 0 Ammonia: 0 GH: 150ppm KH: 40ppm pH: 6.8 Water Temp: 78°F 29 gallons: Platies Otocinclus Red Cherry Barbs Kuhli Loaches Hey everyone, It seems that one of my Otos has an eye injury/infection, but I’m not sure exactly what it is. I originally thought this otocinclus was dead when I first saw it, but when I put in the net to scoop it out it started moving around, so it seems to be alive and eating algae off of one of my plants. If anyone has any insight or advice, I’d love to hear it. The right eye area is the only place I can see with damage.
  9. I bought the geophagus a few days ago and i noticed one of its eyes is messed up. The eye is sunken and cloudy, it almost looks diflated. It is swims around but tends to hang around in one area. It is eating but its seems more aggressive to the other fish in the tank. it may be a little more sluggish then the other fish but not by much.Its either a disease or a wound from when it was in the tank st the store, anyone know what it is?
  10. Moe

    Apisto Eye Issue

    Hey All. I've got an apisto that has developed an eye issue. Temp: 80 F Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate 20 He seems to be eating and his activity level is normal. I have the med trio at my disposal to help combat the issue. My quarantine tank is full of fry, but I can grab another spare 10 gal to treat him in if need be. Any thoughts?
  11. Hi, I’ve had this candy cane tetra for about a month now. He’s in a 15 gal tank with a guppy; there were originally more fish but they all died :’( . Anyway, I’m not sure if its eye has always flat been like that on the one side, but we’ll just say that it was like that from the time that I got him. This morning I noticed he had this weird little clear bubble on his eye. Does anyone know what this is??
  12. Hello, I knocked my lighting unit into the tank and it struck my giant female betta. She now has popeye and a gash near her eye. She is eating, thank goodness. Should I start treating her with anything in the event it becomes infected? She is in a planted 20gallon long with 15 tetras, some snails, and shrimp. Water peramiters are all good. Temp is approx 81 degrees. I turned the light off to make her eye more comfortable. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  13. I've had this common Pleco for 8+ years. This is the first issue it's ever had. He has a white spot on his nose and his right eye seems to be bulging out. Water Parameters: pH - 7.2-7.6 Nitrates - 100 (it's been high for a while, I've been doing water changes every 4 days and finally figured out my canister filter was hurting more than helping) Hardness - 150 (I don't know what it's been, I just started checking with co-op strips) Nitrite - 0 Ammonia - 0 KH/Buffer - 80-120 Water Temperature - 70 There have been recent changes, I've added live plants for the first time, I just added a sponge filter to replace the canister but I still also have my hob. I changed my heater because the old one wouldn't go below 80°. Tank mates: angelfish, pearl gourami, senegal bichir, red eye tetras, neon tetras, pictus catfish, and a couple guppies. All the fish are adolescents and I've had them 1-2 months. I don't see any signs of illness on any of the other fish. What am I missing? Thank you for your help.
  14. Hello! Looking for advice on if there is anything I can do to help this eye regrow/heal. It used to have a large telescope eye, but a few months ago it shrank and now has a cloudiness over it. There isn't anything really sharp in the tank that could have injured it except maybe a plant weight? He is in a 55 gallon with 2 other fancy goldfish. I have very fine crushed coral on the bottom, river rocks, and java fern. It is filtered by an aquaclear 70 and a sponge filter. I do a 30% water change every week. (GH 60, KH 80, pH 6.5-7.0, Ammonia/Nitrite 0, Nitrate 20-40 when measured before the weekly water change, temp 77 F). I did get a small ammonia spike after I used the med trio but that was after the initial problem and it seems to have corrected. I've used the med trio, then salt up to level 3, then tried Kanaplex usually with a week or so between treatments to see if it worked. I noticed right before it shrank that the eye seemed really wobbly. So now I'm wondering if it is just a genetic issue and not a parasite. Just trying to see if there is anything else I can do.
  15. Erik G

    Eye injury?

    I have a number of emperor tetras (didn’t know about territory/alpha male being an issue, I know..) and one of the males has an eye issue. It started out with a clear protrusion on one eye, and now looks like the attached picture. All other fish have no signs of illness. At first thought it might be an injury from the alpha male? Water parameters are 0 ammonia 0 nitrite, 40 nitrate, ph is 7.0.
  16. Ok so I was looking closely at my fish today and noticed two are missing an eye. I got them all in January and never noticed it before but maybe they were like that because they were small. I don’t have aggressive fish that I’m aware of. Is there a disease that makes fish lose eyes? current stock is 6 fire green tetras ( 1 missing an eye) 20 cardinal tetras ( 1 missing and eye) 24 ember tetras 6 neon green rasboras 6 rummy nose rasboras 2 albino bristlenose plecos 6 emerald green Cory’s 1 Siamese algae eater bunch of snails (mystery,nerite,rams horn,mts)
  17. Hi everyone, I was rescaping my tank today and had to move my betta into a plastic bag during that. During that time I think he might've hurt himself on the plastic, or the net as his left eye seems to be clouded up. I probably caught it fairly early, I dosed some bacteria in a bottle, and re-installed a filter on the tank to keep the water clean. The water has a slightly cloudy colouring to it, probably from the new substrate. He's acting fairly normal, but a bit more cautious of everything. My parameters are: Ammonia: .5 ppm (I'm hoping it'll go down, the plants and bacteria might've taken care of it by the time your reading this) Nitrite: 0 ppm Nitrate: 10 ppm pH: 7.2-7.4 gH: 300 kH: 180 The substrate is a mixture of organic potting mix and Fluval Stratum, heavily planted. Thanks!
  18. Black spot around my pleco's right eye. Seems to be acting normally, eating fine, just showed up one day. It's been over a month, no change. Only one in my community tank. 78deg, ph 7.0, soft water. No ammonia, or nitrites, 30ppm Nitrates. Tankmates: flame gourami, cory cats, neon, candy cane, Silvertip, rummynose tetras. Few otocinclus.. No idea what this is or if I should treat with Erythromycin?
  19. Hello friends, Here's a photo of my black moor's eye today and a photo of her a few weeks ago when she bumped her eye on something (a rock that I removed). A few days after I noticed the scratch, I noticed her eye had shrunk significantly. Some research and forum reading told me the fluid sac had likely been ruptured, but she would be fine. Her eye will likely never be full sized again. However, now the eye is starting to look a bit sunken in. Should this concern me? Thanks!
  20. I have a 20L tank with 12 rainbow shiners. I realize I have neglected water changes for quite some time and I believe I have been over feeding looking back at things. I noticed something was wrong when one fish had problems with his eyes and was acting erratic. He swam strangely and bumped into the driftwood and plants. He doesn't shoal with the others and I think he may be blind now. This is because when I netted him out he didn't know the net was there and wondered into it when he was bumbling about. I tested the water immediately and my nitrate was off the scale of 160ppm. Here are the test results: PH: 7.3 (two months ago it was 7.74 which is closer to normal with my water) temp: 73 Ammonia: 0.25 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 160 + TDS: 656 I looked online and did a rapid nitrate reduction water change I found that targeted salt water hobbyists. I drained the tank to 20% and then filled it to 40% with dechlorinated tap water 2 times. Then one more time I drained the water from 40% to 20% and then filled it up full. My water after the changes: PH: 8.49 Temp: 73 Ammonia: 0.5 (I have chloramine in my tap water so some ammonia is present) Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 5 ppm TDS: 652 I will keep an eye on the tank and the fish in question still is by himself, but looks like he is picking around the moss and substrate for food. So I think he may not know where the others are in the tank? Also one of the pictures looks like there is some discoloring on one of his gills. Here are some pictures of him and the last picture is of a healthy looking tank mates for comparison.
  21. Planted 20 gallon long built and fishless cycled in June/July. Nitrates never higher than 40, Ammonia and Nitrite at 0 with no spikes. Ph usually in the 7.6-7.8 range. Heater set to 83, but since the weather has gotten colder the thermometer on the opposite side of the tank from the heater reads 75.5-78. 1 plakat betta, several MTS and Nerite snails. The betta came from the Co-Op, and I have had him for around 4 months. The only recent change is that I added water sprite from the Co-Op, which he loves and is often resting in. I bought 10 kuhli loaches a month ago but they are quarantining in a separate tank in a separate room. He has developed white dots on both of his eyes, as seen in the picture (he was sleeping, but I turned on his light just now to snap this picture.) His activity has decreased, although he still swims around all of his tank. His appetite seems to have dropped too. When the dots developed I watched for a few days, read about cloudy eye, and then treated with Maracyn. No change in appearance or behavior. He is now on day four of the 5 day Paracleanse schedule, with still no improvement. What should my next steps be?
  22. I have a colony of Corydoras metae which is over 25 years old which must be very in bred by now. I am getting healthy strong fish but occasionally I have a fish with an eye with a reduced iris. The photos I have taken are of the same fish with one normal eye and one reduced. If anyone knows anything about this I would be very interested to know more.
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