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Fish eggs? (Neon tetra or spotted Congo puffer?)


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No idea what I’m doing.  Are these even fish eggs?  I have neon tetra and spotted Congo puffers in the tank. Ive read that clear is good and white is bad, but I can’t spot them until they’re white.  

thanks for any help!  Not actively trying to breed by the way.  But it would be nice :)


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@Fish Folk Id second that but I have never tried tetra so no clue what those eggs look like . @mij They look like puffer eggs to me as well. I do methelyne blue and run a slow air bubble in a heated container ( i float in a tank normally Im a big easy button guy)

To my novice eye the circled eggs are the look that have generally developed and hatched for me


Pao palustris eggs for comparison clear good white bad


I try and move the clear ones to another container and any that look white leave in the first container with mb and see what happens. They should develop and hatch really quick and be very small. 

Thats a spotted congo fry a few days old up here for a size comparison


Breeding indicator visible for a few hours after on females here. 


 @Preston John is the spotted congo expert i ask as well.

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Thanks everyone.  I split them up into separate containers for clear, cloudy and solid eggs.  We'll see what happens.

On another note, there's still loads of eggs in the tank, I can't get them all.  is it ok to leave them?  I figure I'd wait a week or so to see if any life emerges and get what I can with a water change.  Its pretty heavily planted so I can't really do a good gravel vac.

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Welp, i can confirm those were puffer eggs but most were either infertile or fungus'ed.  Puffers just put out another batch and i can definitely see a good amount of fertile eggs.  

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