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Stuck food in guppy mouth

BF McUmber

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My adult female guppy tried to eat a whole Crab Cuisine stick about an hour ago.  She can't swallow it so she is swimming around with it just sitting at the back of her lips.  Earlier she was rapidly thrashed back and forth and she swam backwards a few times that I've seen.  Now she seems to be breathing fine and lazily swimming around.  

I assume she will be fine but I'll ask anyway,  will she be fine to just have it sit in her throat till it slowly dissolves and she can break it apart? 



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On 5/17/2023 at 11:15 PM, Tommy Vercetti said:

I had this exact thing happen to me. I tried to use a toothpick but that failed so I put him back in the aqurium and worried until the next day when I saw that he was fine and the food was no longer in his mouth.

Yea, I thought about a toothpick but thought it would do more harm than good. 

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As with most things I guess I should have waited 10 more min, (but really need to go to bed). Once she was able to close her lips around the end of the dissolving stick she made short work of it... and then went on to start eating the micro pellets that were for her.  

Thank you for the replies, I figured she was looking all right but figured I'd ask before bed. 

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In my experience, crab cuisine stays firm for a very long time. I would personally intervene.

If I'm not wrong, even the package mentions that remove crab cuisine if not eaten after 24 hours. They say only 1 hour for their algae wafers.

They might be also made firm to let crabs, crayfish etc to hold it with their claws

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