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  1. My sole ember has returned to normal behavior . All others are fine as well . Dunno why those two got sick . The survivor didn't show as much stress as the other two. when all was happening . .
  2. I add ph up or down . I took out two embers . They were hurting . The third one is still in the tank doing better . I've had the tank and fish for over a year . all my other fish and critters are okay . Don't know if I got some insecticide on my hands and then maybe put that hand in the tank . If I did that it only bothered the embers .
  3. DID a 50% W/C .We will see how it goes . I'll adjust the ph after I get it to cycle for a bit .
  4. They do seem to be going up to the surface at times ,Looking closer they are going after the bubbles from the stone . My black neons are just fine .
  5. My ph is low because I haven't been adding after water changes . I test to see where it's at . Then may add up , but haven't in the last few W/C's . All my pest snails or most all ,have died off . My nitrates have been mostly low . 5ppm the test before last . But I extended my W/C change last week to get a better fix on things . So I was at about 20ppm . Tuesday was my last 50% water change . I should have plenty of air in the tank . I have a stone, sponge filter and a hob . Temp is about 78 . Just changed the hob filter . Need to clean the sponge filter . Haven't test for kh and gh in a long time . They are not gasping for air . Just in a corner near the top but not gasping for air . They seem to be near the air from the stone where the bubbles is rising .
  6. My ember tetras have collected up in a corner of the tank . Three of them . About an inch or so from the top . Just noticed the behavior this morning . All others in the tank are acting normal . No ammonia , nitrates are okay ph 6.6 . Been keeping my ph around there . So any ideas on what may be up with them ?
  7. No make over yet . My pest snail population has diminished to almost none at this time . Why they have subsided ? I can only come up with is that they have been starved out . My nerites are doing fine and I drop pleco wafers for them to eat a few times a week .The pest snails don't go after the wafers , but the nerites do . My nitrates have been very low as my ph is also very low . The low ph hasn't seemed to have had any negative effect on my nerites and tetras, betta . So if this pest population goes away or at least stays the way it is . I can do a make over with much less pain than would be the way it was . I was getting a little ots with all the pest snails , but kept up with weekly 40% water changes . Also feeding my fish less to only once a day . Maybe a pinch more on occasion . They finally took to frozen brine . And flakes so I can mix it up for them .
  8. Isn't there some stuff the co-op sells that re- seeds a tank ? Just dose it up .
  9. I just have 5 tetras, 4 snails and about 30 shrimp or so . Not looking to increase my bio load . Sometimes there are no snails on the glass and other times they are all out and about on the glass
  10. I'M going to kill every pest snail in the tank . I demand a pest free snail fish tank .lol
  11. All the pest snails are dinky . My nerites are monsters compared to the pests . Topminnows . I'll look into them .
  12. It was a thought ... lol . A new 10G kit with a new sponge filter . I can save some of my shrimp and snails in a smaller aquarium . Not worried about a new start. Hate those pest snails . All the little ones make the view less appealing .
  13. What I wanted to do was change out the whole tank . All new substrate , stone and new tissue culture plants . I wanted to keep my water when I change out, to add back into the tank . Was just going to clean the filters and hope the water would re-seed the new filter and sponges , pre filters . I could just scrap everything , but be cool to save the good bacteria .
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