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Feeding, breeding and keeping plecos happy, mainly bristlenose right now


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So, I realized years ago i must have been over and then underfeeding my plecos. My new favorite is Bristlenose Pleco (Super red and L144a Blue Eye Lemon). 


I now add in food daily and remove any scraps by hand or suctioning if they crumble. 

my first thought was to make them but i haven't done it before so i was unsure how to go about making a pleco cave. I think tomorrow i'll try with two dry coconut shells i have had for a while to make something.


Anyway i'm going to blanch some veggies to add into the feeding schedule with the algae wafers.  It surprises me how active they are. 


any tips on making pleco caves if anyone has done it before.  is pvc a viable cave option?

Albino pleco.jpg

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Food wise you want to feed a diet rich in plant matter with some protein I feed mine a  mixture of EBO algae wafer's veggie sticks repashy soilent and super green cucumber blanched spinach and lettuce  sak spirulina pellets and frozen blood worms mine spawn every 3-4 weeks without fail I offer a selection of caves of different sizes so they can choose  the cave they like the best I use plecoceramics caves really good quality 

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