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Plants growing out of aquarium


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I would imagine that you could grow all sorts of plants out of your aquarium. Water propagation is a common method for a lot of house plants.

Not my image, but you can see here many succulents being propagated in water.


Again not my image, but here are several other plants growing in water.


Okay, this one is mine. It's a spider plant that for a short while was held in place by having its roots intertwined with some java moss. It eventually got too large to stay there.


I'm currently testing out an offshoot of sansevieria in my HOB.


I propagated it from a cutting that I kept in a cup on my window sill.


It's as easy as cutting the leaf and letting the cut dry and then placing it in water. Soon roots and new plants grow.


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I have got plants growing out the top in several tanks.

In the 1930s aquarium, parrot feather (Myriophyllum aquaticum) and some sort of Alternanthera are growing out the top. The parrot feather is rooted and the Alternanthera is just floating. That is how they were growing in the ditch I found them in so I just continued that when I brought them home.


Here are the roots floating.


Water sprite grows out the top also if you will let it float.


Here is the interior of the 1930s aquarium.


I expect the Bacopa in this photo to grow out the top also.


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I have plants growing out of the back of my 29g in the living room as well as an aquaponics setup on the 29g in my bedroom.

Living room 29g contains one each of peace lily, creeping charlie, wandering Jew, English ivy, fittonia (red), and small-leafed variety of dieffenbachia (dumbcane), as well as Devil's ivy and arrowhead vine. The latter were added probably 6 weeks ago (I'd have to check my notes to be sure). The former 6 were added about 3-4 weeks ago. All of them are doing well. The peace lily has even started to bloom.

Bedroom 29g has some arrowhead vine cuttings I just recently stuck out of one end that are rooting well. The aquaponics setup on it has a couple of young spider plants, a single strand of Devil's ivy, and some baby-baby lettuce plants. That's been fun to play with.









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