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Hey all! Fairly new to the community. First post. Wanted to share my tank. I had asked a question about my two Oscars and how one is always so light. I've had them a few weeks now. I hope they both get comfortable soon:)


Here is their current setup and their typical colouration. Obviously plants will be adjusted over time. Hoping the Lilys will root well and not be bothered when these guys are bigger. 






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@SandBkeeperThank you! I didn't know the name. They're actually culls but that doesn't bother me 😅 I like them a lot. 

@Colu Thank you so much for the reply! I have the four clay pots and now all that plant matter that they can hide in and behind. They usually kinda just....sit in the empty corner and look timid 😞 They come out for food no problem though. And the redtail shark isn't at all skittish anymore which I love. I do little taps for feeding time and it comes right out. The other two do if they're hungry. 


It's interesting as they're in a much quieter environment compared to my LFS, and they had quite a few Oscar tank mates there. I know this tank can't hold a school long term so I just got the two. They seem to prefer having the company. I'm looking at getting silver dollars when I can find some

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