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Found 11 results

  1. Is this pothos? I am a rookie to put it lightly when it comes to aquarium plants, and even less educated on house plants. I think it’s pothos every thing I’ve searched tells me it is.it’s in the tank now 3 maybe 4 days. Seems to be sprouting new roots, but the stems at the base are turning brownish all were light to a darker green when planted. I have removed the browning leaves after I took the pic. They were already browning before put in. is this normal melt back? I don’t know to really call it that, it looks healthy enough to me but the color change at the base stem is what I’m concerned with?
  2. Hey all, question for anyone who may know I have a hanger back slotted orchid pot resting in the back of my tank. I have my pothos planted in it with orchid bark loosely covering the roots. I looked up orchid bark and it appears to be a high quality fir bark. I was wondering if it’ll have any long term negative effects on my tank? It’s untreated so there aren’t any extra chems that would leech into the tank. Has anyone ever used it before and to what affect?
  3. I'm having trouble with the pothos in my HOB. Each new leaf on my emersed pothos is getting lighter and lighter green, its almost a faded lime green at this point. Any idea what the issue might be? The tank is getting lots of food with nitrates in the 20-40 range, but i don't use ferts in this tank. No direct sun but there's two large windows and a sky light, so its a bright room most of the day. The leaf i started the vine from is still a nice dark green
  4. Ok so I have a small jade pothos cutting I bought for probably too much money to grow in my tank to help with filtration. It seems to be growing a bit strange so it's hard to work out how best to place it. Currently I have it sitting on top of my internal filter (out of the water) with the roots trailing in the water, however a small section of roots between the stem and the rest of the roots (this section of roots is above the water line) has gone all brown and shrivelled and I'm assuming the whole lot will come off at some point. I did an awful little sketch to show what I mean: The red arrow points to the dying section. Does the whole length of roots need to be underwater? As you can see the roots are growing in a weird place between the leaf offshoots so I can't get it all in the water without submerging some of the stem and leaves. Is there anyway to encourage roots to grow out of the cut end of the stem? Would make it a lot easier. Thanks in advance!
  5. I'm trying to grow pothos out the top of my aquariums. will this setup work. also what bulbs should I be using to get good growth i black out the room to prevent excess algae from natural sunlight. I am not great with plants and any help would be appreciated.
  6. I started my planted tank in October 2020 with about an inch of organic garden soil topped with an inch of gravel. I planted dwarf sagittaria, Nymphoides hydrophylla 'Taiwan' and water sprite. There were some random red leaves so I planted them too not expecting much and they all grew wonderfully. I had 3 big beautiful red plants and a thriving planted tank. Then I got this idea that having a little pothos plant growing from the hang on back filter canister would look lovely. And it did. However, the plants in my aquarium started getting yellow spots and holes, losing leaves and just melting. The red plants are now just stems. I did a little research then, took the pothos out, and started adding Seachem Potassium supplement. It's been about 3 weeks since I started with this, but the plants are not looking any better. What can I do to save my plants?
  7. Just wondering if pothos can be fully submerged and what causes plants to melt and rot including the roots?
  8. Hello All! I am wondering does anyone know how cold pothos can actually tolerate? The internet says that it can tolerate a cold snap down to 50F but anything below that and it will die, however I know this isn't true because my basement gets colder. (I am working on plugging some of the air leakage to improve heat in my basement) I have seen pothos now for two winters survive 45F air and water temp (roots are in the water) They do grow much slower in the cold but are still pushing out new leaves, I am just curious how cold is to cold, I am planning to build a plant wall of pothos growing out of my 270 goldfish setup that will eventually cover the entire basements wall on that side of the room, but I don't want to potentially kill it all if I get hit with a cold snap, I live in zone 6B. Also are there any suggestions to other plants that will grow out of the tanks that can also tolerate lower temps? thanks! FYI I am not trying to push the limits, I am working on improving the heat retention hopefully next winter it will be a non issue but we will see.
  9. My Nitrates were always through the roof no matter the water changes. It would drop to normal levels than after a day or two it would jump right back up to 80 to 100 ppm. I posted here on the forum and a Gentleman suggested a Pothos so I did what I always do and bought the biggest one I could find lol. Well after about a month it started grow its water roots and started utilizing the nutrients in the water column. Now my Nitrates are 20 to 40ppm while using Easy Green and root tabs. I just thought I post a victory story cause they are always nice to hear. Hope everyone is having a safe and happy Saturday. Keep it fishy Friends and most importantly keep Nermin it up!!
  10. These are my Pothos the one on the right has been in my tank now for 2-3 weeks the bigger one on the left only a week. My question is are the ones on left rotting and if so Why? I've also added this grow light overtop seeing how it doesnt get much light. I've got everything on a timer for 8hrs a day
  11. I have been growing Pothos out of my tanks with endless and snails, but I need something that will grow with a low light environment. If I put the tip of the plant in the filter, it will grow slower, but if I put it in the 48g community tank, my Buenos Aires tetras destroy it before it has time to grow. I’ve tried pothos and English ivy. So far I’m still waiting to see something on the ivy from both low light and high light situations. The pothos grows great straight into the tank water under high light and then once the root systems are established, I put them in the other tanks. I have a 48g, 2 ten gallons, and then a 2.6g. Because of how the tanks are set up, only the 2.6g fluval tank with a clear lid and clip on light has a high light setting. Any ideas on other trailing or growing plants to suck up nitrates? My nitrates are 40-80 on all tanks. I’m running filters maxed with sponges with established media. I don’t over fed send have cut back feedings. The largest tank is planted. I like my nitrates in the 20s.
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