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Found 10 results

  1. Just planted various plants in my tank a week ago, and now I'm seeing what I believe are roots from my stem plants. Not sure if I'm over fertilizing, but I am using easy green twice a week and Seachem flourish for the carbon supplement. Is this just a sign that I have to cut the stem below the new root node and propagate the new plant?
  2. I love plants. More than plants, I love their roots! They weave themselves so gracefully, and always change the landscape in subtle ways. Here is to you, roots!
  3. A while back i purchased some bacopa from my lfs and didnt quarantine them. Sure enough i did in fact have a small BBA outbreak that spread from the bacopa to my anubias and java fern. I had successfully removed the BBA then a few weeks later i noticed it coming back only on my java fern. At least i think it came back. It has reappeared around the tiny plantlets that are sprouting from the leaves. Is this in fact BBA, or are my sprouts developing roots? Here are a couple of pictures.
  4. I have been seeing a lot of roots shooting out mid stem, from most of my stemmed plants. Ugly white strands in tangled clumps ugh. What causes this and how do I minimize? I assume its due to nutrient deficiency in the substrate. I thought to ask first, before I put more root tabs in. TIA!
  5. I recently added a couple small banana plants in my aquarium. Amusingly, my yoyo loaches seem to enjoy knocking them around the tank. Will they be OK? Is there something I need to do? I have fairly big gravel so I can't really secure it that way without burying the tubers too deep.
  6. What is going on here? Looks like roots but I'm not sure. I am new to keeping live plants.
  7. Hi all, this is second time this happened to me in different tanks. My redmoor wood or someone calls it spider wood used in aquarium grow something that looks like small roots. this on pictures and first one are bought in different local shops first one was boiled in water this was wasn't. That thing have white color tops and black color "body". It is easy removable with toothbrush and it sinks. Snails and shrimps aren't interested in it. Anyone whit similar thing or any ideas what that is? I found very little informations on google. @Cory maybe you saw it in China or somewhere else? I removed 2 weeks agou all of it and this is new growth.
  8. If I let my Water Sprite float, are the roots that develop OK being planted later? Or are water roots different than planted roots?
  9. What would cause my some of my stem plants to throw out so many roots from above the substrate?
  10. These are my Pothos the one on the right has been in my tank now for 2-3 weeks the bigger one on the left only a week. My question is are the ones on left rotting and if so Why? I've also added this grow light overtop seeing how it doesnt get much light. I've got everything on a timer for 8hrs a day
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