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Algae or ice scraper?!

Allison Amaya

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These are the best ice scrapers.  The brass edge works waaaay better than any plastic edged one but won’t scratch the glass at all.  They fit easily into the little door compartments or glove compartment, and that edge lasts a long time, especially in Texas but they lasted very well in Nebraska and Kansas, too.  They don’t reach as well for a bigger/taller vehicle, but they’re great for a car.


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On 2/2/2023 at 7:14 PM, Ken Burke said:

You need to keep all that ice stuff on your side of the state line!  Been tryin’ to spill over here in Louisiana all week, and tomorrow morning the low is 29.  

29, mmm toasty. currently -15 here................:classic_cool:

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