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New to plants need some guidance

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Co-op blog article has one.

8 minutes ago, Daniel said:

There is not a lot of magnesium in the water banana plants are native to so I suspect it is not a magnesium deficiency. Recently there was a thread here with a good illustration of nutrient deficiencies in plants. Maybe some know where that is?


Ever wonder how professionals and even advanced hobbyists make those gorgeous aquascapes bursting with plant life? It all comes down to having the three essentials that make aquatic plants happy:


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It could be damage. I know when I got a banana plant a few weeks ago that two of the three leaves had been damaged in shipping and plants usually don't heal like animals do. They often put resources into growing a new leaf instead of any kind of repair. So as long as it still has other leaves you should be fine trimming the damaged one.

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