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My L134 Leopard frog plecos spawned for the first time!


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I purchased 8, L134 leopard frog plecos about 8 months ago at 1.5”. Today as I was switching out some caves for some new ones I got, I noticed 12 baby’s in the back of 1 of the caves! (I wasn’t checking for eggs or trappings because I assumed they were to young to spawn) I could hardly believe it! I now have 12 healthy fry! 72FDAA79-C8A5-4345-A81E-B8CF6B691B6D.jpeg.d17087b49473ba2542db8f8acb43811a.jpegF4707B61-89A4-4816-9C0B-C8B1355457C0.jpeg.ad9987dc58ff98be165505eb4ece0b8a.jpeg

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That's really awesome.  Nice work!  You'll have to offer some up on the buy/sell/trade section.

I truly know what it feels like to try for "a while" and wait for a spawn from fish.  Hopefully it's some relief now that you're seeing the results you were hoping for. 🙂

Really beautiful patterns. Can't wait to see how it changes as they grow.

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