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Mysterious Neo Shrimp Marking/Death


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Have been running a stable blue Neo shrimp tank for several months. Recently purchased some plants from Florida, did a parasite dip and placed them in the tank a week ago. Within a few days some of the more mature adult shrimp have started dying, all having the same discoloration across their midsection. Water parameters all look good, 75°F, GH is five, pH is 7.2, TDS around 150. 

What cause of death would you think this is? Parasites from the plants? If so, what do I treat it with?


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That might be rust disease. Let me grab a link




I can't be sure because I don't know if it would discolor an entire plate on the shrimp.

Here is a breakdown of what you're looking for.


In the early stages the Rust disease commences as a small, darkened, sometimes friable, or cratered area on the shrimp body. We can see lesions appear as small, shallow discolored depressions which are thought to be the result of superficial damage or simply color marks.  As the disease progresses, shell degradation increases in size and extends into the lower layers of the skin.


On 12/7/2022 at 10:45 AM, JettsPapa said:

I would guess the parasite dip has a better chance of being the problem than parasites.

Yeah exactly. The shell might've been weakened. Depending on what dip was used could indicate more issues.

What was in the parasite dip used?

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The color the shrimp has on the picture has nothing to do with the reason it's death. Is just the way they color when dead.
They turn this brownish, yellowish or pinkish. If you leave them in the aquarium longer the whole body will get this color.

I don't know about the 'parasite' dip. What i do know is that some plants may have poison in them that farmers use to get rit of snails and parasite.
For example the Cabomba stores the poison in it's stems. When cutting or damaging the stem the poison gets released in the water and kill the shrimps.

How high is your KH?

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I’ve kept shrimp for a long time and lost plenty over the years. And I am aware of what they look like when they die, though I have never seen them be discolored in this particular way. Typically the discoloration is more evenly distributed across the body, depending on how long they have been in the tank after dying the color can be different  

Agreed that pesticides may be the cause of the problem.

KH is three.

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