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Plant ideas?

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Pothos does come in many different colors and varieties but most have somewhat similar leaf shapes.  @Guppysnaildoes lots of plants emerse.  I know there’s a thread somewhere that she lists a bunch of hers.  I have a couple varieties of pothos now, some peace lilies (spathiphyllium) and lucky bamboo in a variety of tanks.  I’ve tried a few aquatic plants that are said to also grow emerse and haven’t had a lot of luck since my year round humidity isn’t quite enough.  But there are plenty of other options for plants that tolerate wet roots.  First 2 pics are my 75 G with lucky bamboo (a dracaena species), peace lily, and pothos hanging down the back of the tank.  Third pic is an example from the web of just a few different pothos varieties.





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Search Google for houseplants with wet feet, can tolerate overwatering, need lots of water,  can’t kill by overwatering etc.  There are dozens and dozens. Wet feet means you do not need a drain hole when planting because the roots can thrive submerged. Here are some to get you started. Stay away from ivy and aloe. 
mothers are sweet potatoes, pineapple. Threads are on here for pineapple 



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