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Java Moss


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Anyone else have love/hate feels about Java moss? I let it build up in some tanks, it grows, it looks amazing, I get tired of it and yank it all out. 1 piece gets left behind and it grows again. I let it until I get tired of it and yank it out again. Here is my Java moss jungle from just a few straggler stands after my last java moss tantrum. 




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Exactly! I have had the same sort grow and yank cycle with java moss and Riccia flluitans too. The other plant that has to be composted on a regular basis is hornwort, which you also seem to be blessed with ☺️.

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I love my java moss and my shrimps seem to like it too. I never throw it away and having several jars full only of java moss and shrimps. The best part is when the jar is so full of moss that it start growing emersed: those moss spikes popping out of the surface. Very beautiful.



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