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I guess I must have hit it somehow


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Hello everyone

I am new to this forum and I am in need of some advice.
I bought this tank and I notice this chip on the bottom back corner.
I can't return it so I am looking for other options.
The tank is a 64 gallon 48X16.5X20, the glass is 3/8 thick and it's rimeless.
I've been having fun with aquarium for 20 years but I never had a tank with
any kind of bump, chip or any kind of defect to them so this is new to me.
I want to know what you guys would do with that?
Here is some pictures of the chip.
BTW I did move the tank a bit to take better picture
and I did put only 10 gallon just to test if the seal was leaking and thankfully its not
Thanks for the suggestion, if any. 😅




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Because it's a rimless aquarium, because the base takes the load, and because the issue is right on the corner (more than halfway though the thickness of the glass) I wouldn't risk it.  It very well could be fine, but know that you're at a pretty high risk of an issue.  I would try to replace it if possible.

On 7/29/2022 at 7:40 PM, Villdraine said:

The tank is a 64 gallon 48X16.5X20

This is definitely a bit of weight also.  Just something to help decide what you try to do.

Depending what's available, there might be a shop that is willing to replace the panel for you or that might be something you can do.

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On 7/30/2022 at 1:22 AM, Scapexghost said:

I would keep using it, but that doesn't mean you should. Maybe keep it in a garage or some other room where it wouldn't be the end of the world if it burst.

I’m thinking the same thing. I would use it, but for peace of mind I’d want it to be in a position where a leak won’t cause too much damage. I’m also taking into consideration that this was probably a very expensive tank. It would be a shame to not get to use it. 

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