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  1. So I manage to find a new 65 gallon tank and its perfect but this one is the usual black rimed one but I will make it so pretty that I wont see it anymore.
  2. Yea it wasn't a cheap one but it will get use 100% I am bringing everything down in the basement in my computer room and will turn that into so paludarium or vivarium of some sort until I decide to have it fix
  3. I found that the deeper the easier it will be to take care on the long run cause all that gravel or sand will also hold lots of beneficial bacteria. I usually go for a good 2-3 inches minimum. Try to have different layers of substrate. Sadly I don't have picture.
  4. Thanks guys Tomorrow I am gonna go pick up an other 65 gallon and will either have the tank shorten by 2 inches in the future of just use it for something special.
  5. Hello everyone I am new to this forum and I am in need of some advice. I bought this tank and I notice this chip on the bottom back corner. I can't return it so I am looking for other options. The tank is a 64 gallon 48X16.5X20, the glass is 3/8 thick and it's rimeless. I've been having fun with aquarium for 20 years but I never had a tank with any kind of bump, chip or any kind of defect to them so this is new to me. I want to know what you guys would do with that? Here is some pictures of the chip. BTW I did move the tank a bit to take better picture and I did put only 10 gallon just to test if the seal was leaking and thankfully its not Thanks for the suggestion, if any. 😅
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