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  1. Hey everyone! So I have a 20 gallon high aquarium and I had it set up for maybe 1.5 years and then drained it and put it into storage until about 2 years ago. So I have had it set up for about 4 years. I am noticing some wear around the corners (see pictures) and have been so worried something might happen. What should I do? Will it be ok? Thanks so much!
  2. Thanks! I added neon tetras, endlers livebearers, and a mystery snail.
  3. Hi! I have some new fish to add to my display tank and I am wondering if after people acclimate their fish if they leave the lights on or off? And if you turn them off for how long? Thanks!
  4. Wow thanks for the detailed reply! Yeah I definitely don't have algae that is outcompeting my plants. Thanks! I'll take a look!
  5. Hi! I'm just wondering if anybody has noticed positive results with using Easy Carbon and how you got those results (how often you dosed, how much, etc). I have a planted tank that does not have that much algae and I am wondering if this will help deal with the small amount I have. Thanks!
  6. Ok! Maybe I'll try it! Ok! I live pretty close to the retail store so maybe I'll go check it out!
  7. Got it. I am hoping to drive to the Coop store tomorrow so hopefully the fish will be pretty healthy. Thanks for your help!
  8. @Lennie What a cool color of shrimp! Invisible from a distance but when you look closer there they are!
  9. Got it! Yeah I think it really helped to add the neon tetras and guppies first and then let the betta after. The betta completely ignores the other fish. I also have a planted tank and right now it is very understocked. Thank you! I already have some neon tetras and guppies in the tank right now and the betta is not harming them at all. The tank is definitely cycled (been running for a year) and has many live plants.
  10. Hi! So I recently added a betta fish to my 20 gallon display aquarium that has some neon tetras and some guppies. I want to add more neon tetras but I am wondering how long should I wait after adding the betta to add the neon tetras to my display tank? Does it matter how long you wait? Thanks!
  11. Thank you! I have Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus planted in my tank so maybe when it grows a little larger I will cut some off and float it!
  12. Hi! I'm just wondering if anyone has found/tried floating any of the plants on AC's website and if any worked out well! Thanks!
  13. Hi! I have an aquarium with 1 betta fish, some neon tetras, and some guppies. They all seem to get along well. I am wondering if I could add some cherry shrimp (6-10 shrimp for my 20 gallon tank). I don't need the shrimp to breed because I know the baby shrimp will get eaten. I also have quite a few live plants. Thanks!
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