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Paranoid About Tank Leaking

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Hey everyone!

So I have a 20 gallon high aquarium and I had it set up for maybe 1.5 years and then drained it and put it into storage until about 2 years ago. So I have had it set up for about 4 years. I am noticing some wear around the corners (see pictures) and have been so worried something might happen.

What should I do? Will it be ok? 

Thanks so much!



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The 2nd shot just looks like the extra silicone and shouldn't matter.  It's really the silicone between the panes of  glass that matter.

Is the 1st shot a chip or more of the silicone? If it's silicone I don't think I would worry. If it's a chip, I would be concerned.

Either way, it really doesn't matter if the tank is water safe if you don't feel good about it.  If you're worried about 20 gallons of water on the floor it's not worth it.  The tank is the cheapest part of the hobby.

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