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Fahaka puffer 40 breeder

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Hey so I have a few questions, I’m setting up a new 40 breeder I’m just making a inquiry, it is, I was wondering can I have a solo fahaka puffer In a 40 breeder, from reading online it seems fine, but also want to get input also some background I’m in college 40 breeder is the max I can go in my apartment. I graduate next year and would likely upgrade to a 75 or 100 gallon. So could I still get the fahaka and if the 40 breeder is too small grow him out?  I would be getting a baby if it works and the babie is around 3 inches Any input thx.

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I wouldn't recommend getting one with the hope of future upgrade wait until that big tank is in your possession. 

Life is a surprising thing so assuming something for in years time is a massive risk. Especially as rental homes and apartments still limit the size of tank in many cases.

Take your time, what fish are you keeping now?

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It's one thing to have a 40B to raise the Fahaka, but ideally you already have a larger tank (125-180) already waiting for them and just raising a 1" Puff up before moving it to a larger tank. Starting with a 40B with the intent to move is a common thing most people think they will do and they never do. When it comes to large body puffers they grow fast, eat a ton, and in return make a lot of waste. Large tanks are required not only for their size, but to be able to keep up with the water quality. If you plan on starting with the 40B, go with a species that can live there long term. If you're in school currently you need to make sure that you have the time available to dedicate to the tank care. If you don't have the time, that's going to make the 40B more challenging. 

TLDR: 40B not a good tank for a Fahaka. 

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On 5/31/2022 at 1:20 PM, Tihshho said:

A 32 seems small for a Congo, @mountaintoppufferkeeper can probably provide you better info

I have done a spotted congo puffer, was +/- 4" full grown adult, in a 29 gallon but that was also in a 140 gallon rack sump system with lots of plants in the sump to assist with water stability. I also kept her in a 40 breeder without issue. If I had a 32, Id give my abilities a shot with a spotted congo and some live plants

My spotted congo also enjoyed "yard care" and was often nibbling plants down. I had the most success with 4 plants any anubius species I tried, java fern, java moss, and pogostemon octopus (once it took off). They seemed to hold up better than most stem plants.

For me, bigger volume is always better for puffer water. How much maintainence is needed depends on water volume, feeding schedules,  how the plants run within it, and any sponge etc filtration I use between water changes. 

I raised a fahaka from 1" to 6" or so. At 6" a 75 worked for a single fahaka in my water and setup using live plants, a bigger hang on back filter,  2 medium sponge filters, and 25% water changes every 3 days ( Normally ended up being TUE ,SAT)

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