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I dose to between 20 and 40, but I've gotten to know how much my tanks need based on how my plants\fish\algae look.  For example, my 10 gal QT is almost completely covered in floating water sprite.  I know that tank needs more fertilizer than the bottle recommends.  I put two pumps in that tank twice a week because I know the plants will use it quickly.  

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I wouldn't test everyday either.  You can test every 2-3 days to see how it's going.  Also, when you test, test before you feed or put any fertilizers in the aquarium.  Slow growing plants (java fern, anubias, etc) will use fertilizer much slower than fast growing plants like water sprite or hornwort. So the type of plants matters how much or how often you will dose.  There's discussions on here that debate weather it's better to dose more fertilizer less frequently or less fertilizer more frequently.

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