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  1. I agree I don't typically over filtrate a tank but everything I read said African cichlids are very messy. I bought the 2 filters cause I was gonna get bigger mbuna that get 5 to 7 inches. These that I ended up getting will max out at 3 1/2 inches. My concern is the flow I don't want them to constantly be on the treadmill and never leave their caves. I think I'll start with one then if I ever feel like I need more I can add the second one on. Also if I put the filter on the side of the tank it dissipates the flow and spreads it evenly instead of just being on one side of the tank. Only con is it doesn't look pretty but I'm the only one who ever sees my tanks anyway.
  2. It visually looks like a good bit of flow. I dont want to tire the little fish out. I'll scape it and see how it is then.
  3. By the way i have the aqua clears flow turned all the way down
  4. I have 2 aqua clear 110s on my 75g and im gonna stock the tank with 10 juvenile saulosi. I know i have enough filtration but i think its gonna be way too much flow. Should i just use 1 filter to slow the flow down?
  5. Yeah i'm also putting cycled sponges along with the gravel into the new filter. Just wanted to make sure the material the panty hose is made of wouldnt leach something harmful into the water
  6. I'm gonna seed my new fitler by putting gravel from established tank into panty hose to put in the new filter. I'm just wondering if the panty hose will harm fish. Its a brand new pair of panty hose. thanks for any help
  7. I understand. Another question has only ordered africans cichlids from aquarium fish depot? Are they a reputable store to order from or should i stay away?
  8. I normally wait til the day im gonna put the fish in to switch ky cycled filters to the new tank. Should i switch the filters and filter media to the new tank sooner?
  9. Yeah i just don't want to overwhelm the beneficial bacteria i normally only at 6 fish at a time but this is my first time doing africans and people say either do one group at a time or add all at once. I'm just trying to figure out if 16 is too much to add at once even with them being juveniles. And of course i can feed them one day them skip a day or two for a few weeks as not to have an ammonia spike.
  10. So my goal is to have 8 yellow labs and 8 yellow tail acei. I'm gonna order them as 1.5 inch juveniles. If i order them all at once i'm gonna get a better deal on them. Is it possible to add 16 juveniles to a new tank all at once? I have media for the new filters that will be going on the 75g in my filters on my 125g. I also have 3 cycled sponge filters and i have a bottle of fritz zyme bottled bacteria. Can this be done or should i just add one group at a time? Worst come to worst i have a 40 breeder that i use as my quarantine tank i can put one group in there and one group to the 75g and wait a couple weeks til i add the fish from the 40 breeder. On corys video he said he adds a lot of fish at one time so just trying to figure out if this is a good or horrible idea. Thanks for any feedback
  11. i'm setting up a new tank and im gonna use a couple filters from a cycled tank to cycle it. Should i put the cycled filters on the new tank a week before i'm gonna put the new fish in or like the day before? I dont want to put the cycled filters on the new tank too soon and all the bacteria just die off.
  12. I ordered northfin veggie formula is this what i should mostly be feeding them? Can i feed them frozen brine with spirulina once a week?
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