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  1. thanks for the replys. My angelfish likes to eat as well. Im gonna give it a shot i just ordered the rainbows wish me luck lol
  2. I agree with Jeff. Aqua clear filters will be what your looking for.
  3. Keep it stable. Dont use any ph down or any products like that. You could add some driftwood if you dont already have some that will lower your ph a little bit. Its always better to keep your ph stable rather than trying to chase the perfect ph. My ph is 8.2 and i keep all the common community fish like you have listed with no problems. Just keep it stable and the fish will adapt to it and be just fine.
  4. yes there is only 1 angelfish. I got her from a hardwater breeder and i've kept her in my hard water for over a year with no problems. She has been with other fish and she is laid back.
  5. I have 1 angelfish in a 75 gallon planted tank. I want to add 6 turquoise rainbows. Would this work out okay? Any insight would be much appreciated.
  6. Ok thats what im going to do. Thanks 🙂
  7. yeah i saw that video. Im just trying to crowd source and see if i should upgrade to 75 gallon or wait til i can get another fluval 3.0
  8. does anyone have only one 48 inch fluval 3.0 on a 75 gallon? Does it put out enough light for most low to med light plants? I'm NOT doing high light and co2 injection and all that just low to med light easy plants
  9. ok im just trying to make sure before i go spend the money on the 75 gallon. On aquarium co op it says two 48 inch fluval 3.0 for low to med light for a 75 gallon but i cant afford another light right now so i only have one.
  10. Is one 48 inch fluval 3.0 enough for low to medium light on a 75 gallon or would i need two lights?
  11. I had a betta with fin rot that passed. How long should i let the tank run without fish til its safe to add new fish?
  12. Ok i use easy green, aquarium co op root tabs, and eco complete.
  13. jungle val, italian val, anubias coffefolia, anubius gold coin, windelov java fern, amazon sword, and red dwarf aquarium lily. Ph is 8.2
  14. Ok i have soft water with 8.2 ph so i wanted to raise my hardness to keep rainbows and guppies just wanted to see if hardening the water would hurt my plants
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