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Organizing Fishroom (Finally)

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I am so impressed with Forum members who carefully plan and construct new, logical fishroom designs. I hate to admit it, but my pathway into this hobby has come through many disorganized and head-scratching byways. My room is often a mess!

Here, for example, are select photos of the insane mess that has been the underside of many racks in my fishroom…




After tearing items out, a steady pile began to emerge…


Recently I’ve been trying to organize things into a more logical setup.


Power supplies are zip tied to stands, as are metal CoOp airline valves. I used all of a 300-ft roll of black CoOp airline, running lines through ceiling, so all tanks can run on a single large air pump.

I made one major mistake, and bought this air pump…


It barely runs air on half my tanks. Cheap. Bad call. I’m getting another one in several weeks.

I’m trying to keep timers, plugs, light, airlines, all up and off the floor — easily accessible…


I’ve been adapting what I’ve got rather than tossing out and rebuilding everything. Instead of laying LEDs on top of tanks, I’ve been mounting more…



This reorganization all finally came together with a build I had long imagined. A Betta / Killi shelf. I sketched out plans…






And then executed it…





I’ll admit that the basement is far from cleaned up after all of this, but it’s on its way. And a little bit of reorganization goes a long way to feeling good in the fishroom!

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Holy crap I love your shelf man. I've been getting rid of my sparkling gourami's bubble nests because I don't want them breeding but I might have to give their next nest a shot if I manage to build something like that.

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I like the shelves and the organization.

Did you make your airline into a loop? The pressure will decrease as you go down the line. Bringing a line from the end of the run back and using a tee to supply air from both ends will help equalize the pressure.

Where did you rehome the Bass?

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looks good. the first pics with the power strips on the ground near/under the aquariums would cause me untold amounts of anxiety. much better zip tied to the posts.😎 a little mess near, and inside the stands is par for the course, but the power strips, i couldnt sleep at night.

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