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Molly Fry or Neon Tetra Fry?


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Ok good news is I got some wigglers. But not sure if they are Dalmatian Molly Fry or Tetra Fry. 

My Male Molly past away 75 days ago and I read Mollies can hold the sperm for months but wanted to get folks thoughts on here and their experiences. 

Been seeing my Tetras chasing each other and what looks like a mating behavior. Never seen them do that before. So I was just not sure if they may be mollies or tetras. 

Please let me know your experiences and thoughts. 



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Can't tell the size exactly from here, but their larger, round-shaped bodies look very similar to my molly fry. That being said, I've never bred tetras before, but Jason has and his tetra fry are so tiny that they almost look like detritus particles:


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