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  1. It only boosts growth in that it inhibits algae growth which allows the plants to utilize more fertilizer and light.
  2. Loved the latest video of the fish room! Seeing this group of FishTubers just hanging out and building was fun. More content like this would be great. Although... Jimmy needs to take some time to watch Spider-Man: Homecoming and Far From Home. Those movies are too much fun to miss. 🤣
  3. I heard on a livestream once these can cure ich, but I’m not sure if they are shrimp safe....
  4. I like them. They are what I buy when I am out of the Co-ops and need them before another order. But in my experience I have had to replace them more often than the Co-op’s for my Amazon swords. Those things are monsters though.
  5. @H.K.Lutermanthose are gorgeous. If I saw those at a local store I don’t think I could keep from buying them.
  6. That’s what I am thinking, but I’m not sure what is causing it. All parameters are low (0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, less than 10 nitrates, pH stays around 😎 and temp is just below 76.
  7. All of my cories seem to be doing well currently, but I am seeing something strange in some of my Mollies now. I have a young Molly that has been resting on the bottom of the tank for a few days. I’ve been watching the Molly to see what is going on. He/she will swim up to get food, but you can tell it is having issues, and it quickly sinks to the bottom. Yesterday I noticed another young Molly doing the same thing! I’ve started researching what is going on... Any thoughts?
  8. I haven’t seen any testing, but I wouldn’t treat those at the same time. When I use Paracleanse for issues I do a round, rest two weeks, and do another. I would do that, and then rest two weeks before any other meds if you think you should. The trio has been tested to be used together, but I haven’t heard of success including anything else with them. The trio was designed to knock out most common diseases. I know the Co-op has been testing levamisole, but they haven’t determined anything that they are willing to share yet.
  9. Ive kept Mollies for years and the only time I’ve seen aggression was when the Molly was the only one. Being a livebearer if you have more than one you will need two of the same sex or a two female/ one male ratio. If you do males and females you will end up with fry. As for salt, sometimes Mollies are raised n brackish water and it is bad for them to go from some salt to freshwater. However, if you find Mollies raised in freshwater they will be easier to keep. Mollies raised in brackish can be weaned off the salt in a qt tank.
  10. Welcome to the group Alaya. Sounds like you are bringing a lot of experience to the group. Glad to meet you.
  11. Thank you to everyone for the kind words. I’ve had a lot of tanks that I haven’t been happy with, and many set backs. It can be frustrating some times when your favorite fish dies or algae begins to take over your oldest Anubias. But that’s part of the hobby. My wife asked me if I would ever get the tank to the point that I wouldn’t be tinkering to get rid of a problem... I said if I did it would probably become boring and I would need a new tank. Haha. There are things I am ready to change with this setup, but not until I defeat the BBA and GSA. THANK YOU ALL for your encouragement and help. I love this forum and the community surrounding Aquarium Co-op.
  12. During this week’s water change I found a lot of Ludwigia leaves in my water sprite. The Ludwigia is getting thin and needs nutrients. For some reason I thought they were root feeders, but after a quick search I found that they prefer to feed from the water column. My algae has continued to receded, but now it looks like I need to start dosing easy green again. I did 7 pumps on Monday and BAM! my nitrates went from 5ppm before water change to 10ppm. I’m sure it didn’t increase my nitrates by five. The API test kit goes from 5 to 10 to 20. So I was probably a little higher than 5 before. I want to starve off the algae so I am going to try to keep the nitrates around 10 ppm rather than 20 ppm, but I love the Ludwigia and really want it thick and gorgeous. Oh! I also turned down my light intensity to 75% since I am also dosing Easy Green again. Hopefully we are closing in on balance.
  13. Try keeping them in the mid 70s, but lower your temp slowly. Turn the dial a couple of degrees and leave it for a while and then turn it down 2 more degrees until you get around 74 - 76
  14. Thanks @lefty oit has been a work in progress since May of last year. I’ve learned a lot, and learned that I know very little. Haha.
  15. Oh! And I cut off half of my Amazon sword leaves trying to remove the BBA. I also took one of the large sponge filters out. I have a medium, a large, and a canister in the tank atm. Anyway, here’s what the 75 looks like today.
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