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One way to DIY Fry Boxes


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I had some extra coroplast on hand from another project, so I thought I would try building some fry boxes instead of buying and hacking plastic boxes. Both white and black work. I like the black for aesthetic reasons, but it means an extra step of painting the inside. I have had two boxes running for three weeks and all has been great, so I am making two more.

For this project, I decided I wanted my boxes to fit a 20 long and be 5 inches wide, with a 2 inch water depth. Why? Seemed like a good size! 😄 If you have better reasons for sizes, let me know!

Step 1: Cut a piece of coroplast 11 1/2" (the width of the inner tank trim) x 11 3/4" (3.5 side + 3.5 side + 4 3/4 bottom)

Make sure the "grain" of the coroplast follows the short dimension



Step 2: Create a 1/4" notch on each side, leaving a 3/4" tab on all 4 ends. This is the material that holds the box in the tank.



Step 3: Cut only halfway through each side 3.5" down, and fold up the sides of the coroplast.



Step 4: Cut end pieces, and a small piece to hold the filter sponge/foam.

4 3/4" x 3 1/4" - This is the back wall. The 1/4" gap allows running air/water lines into the box as well as provides an emergency overflow, should somehow the sponge clog. Unlikely.

4 3/4" x 2" - This is your overflow and sets the water height inside the fry box.

4 3/4" x 3/8" - This holds the sponge in place



Step 4: Cut a piece of filter foam/sponge ( 4 3/4" x 3.5" + a tiny extra). Cut it just slightly oversize to create some compression to help hold it in place. The PPI should be dense enough to prevent fry from escaping. I don't even know what mine is. It is pretty coarse, but nobody has escaped yet.



Step 5: Glue in the end pieces. Leaving a little overhang can help you seal it better later. I used water safe hot glue and am curious how long it will last in the long run. Probably better would be superglue+silicone. All good so far though.




Step 6: Glue in the filter retainer. This should compress the foam slightly.



Step 7: Fit and water check.20220219_202111.jpg.3f07b6cbc77fd556d48c8af0a517737e.jpg



Step 8 (optional): If you're using black, dry and paint the inside white. I used Krylon Fusion. It will be impossible to see the fry on black.

Step 9 (optional): Cut some glass or plastic lids.

This is really where my guide ends, as how you choose to pump water and/or air is up to you, but I will show mine anyway.

Step 10: Run water and air (not shown) lines through the 1/4 " gap. I am currently using Tom's aqualifter for water because I had it sitting unused.



Step 11: Add some moss and eggs/fry!


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The neat thing about this method is you can customize the box to any size. The only tools you need are a razor knife and ruler. Having made them before it only took 15 minutes the second time around. Total cost in materials per box is like $2 to $3.

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This is fantastic! 


Pro tip.  coroplast grows naturally in lawns and road sides.  It usually crops up around election time and can be harvested shortly after elections.

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On 2/19/2022 at 3:37 PM, CT_ said:

Pro tip.  coroplast grows naturally in lawns and road sides.  It usually crops up around election time and can be harvested shortly after elections.

I am not sure that I would want to use political signs in any of my tanks. The residue from those things are toxic!

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