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That wasn’t expected!

Guppy Guy

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I was doing a rescape today since I was getting sick of my 10 gallons old look, and I had a few nice little surprises, the biggest involving my half dead java fern. So it seemed. Apparently, while it was looking sad and half dead on the top, the bottom was thriving! It had attached itself to my bubbling starfish(we all have weaknesses 😂), and was growing good. The next surprise was my 1 month old banana plant. It has a runner now. Has anyone had this happen to them? The last surprise was my java moss. I used a fake grassy plant to attach it to, and apparently the java moss was too much for a $5 plastic plant. It had completely fallen apart. I will use the parts in an upcoming build, so look out for that thread. Here are some pics for your amusement:

Plant parts:



Java fern star:




Old scape:B90ADF9B-8852-4334-B42A-AA469A2DE0F5.png.1b31e4acdcf068c5e74be9b3abb49ad2.png


New scape:C2311B86-8A43-4886-8686-1E4EFA8CD2C3.jpeg.5ff42ecce8b4253cee2b5dd9e167e600.jpeg


I’ll update in a few weeks o everyone can see how the plants are doing.

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Today, I added some ‘marsh mermaid’. I’ve never seen it before and thought it would be a neat addition to this tank. I also started using Seachem Flourish Excel. Hopefully it will help get rid of the lingering beard algae on Franks fern. (I henceforth proclaim the starfishes name to be Frank 🙃)

Heres a pic of the Marsh Mermaid.


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