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Fluval nano light

Stephen Zawacki

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Hey guys so on my apisto tank I have the fluval nano led, I like the light, but don't know how to set the light up, and set thr right parameters up, I have a kasa smart outlet, where it turns on at 830am and shuts off at 530pm, but the light still does not turn on and I have to go manually turn it on in the app Also, what light intensity should I use the tank is all swords and crypts some being rarer than others please help I can't figure it out here is the tank 


Thank you 


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In auto/pro the percentages are shown on the left side of the screen.  You will need to use either auto/pro to program your on/off cycle.  Since you are just starting with this light I recommend using the "auto" mode. 

Select "Auto"

1. Select Sunrise and set on time and duration until full sunrise.

2 Select Daylight and set you desired intensities.

3. Select Sunset Set time as desired.

4. Set any intensities you may want for night.  I run all zeros as it is "night".

5. If you set all zeros on #4 you can just ignore this one.  Otherwise set it for the time you want all light off.

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You cant use a wifi timer or any other type of timer with the Fluval lights, use the timer through the app. Anytime the power is interrupted to the light whether a timer shutting it off or a power outage, when power is restored, it resets the internal timer to 00:00 (midnight). 

Check out the thread that @Streetwiselinked on here, or if you look on YouTube, @Bentley Pascoehas a great three part series on the Fluval 3.0 lights.

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