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On 12/21/2021 at 4:34 PM, Expectorating_Aubergine said:

Shmaty, do you have a light for the stuff on the wall?

Yea, there is a light. It's a generic light I got off amazon. It worked but wasn't as Ideal as I would have liked. Hopefully it's easier to see in this picture.


Pros: It was bright and made the leaves face inwards towards the centerline of the tank. It just looked good. It was also very adjustable and I could move the lights when needed. 

Cons: It was nearly inaccessible once installed. The light's clamp hooked onto the side of the glass, that meant part of it was "inside" the tank-the entire power assembly was above the water but....it was an potential risk. The toggle button/power cable also hung behind the glass. I had to reach up through the bottom of the stand to turn it on/reprogram it's timer, anytime the power went out-which happened all to often at the old place. 

In the It worked, but there was probably a better way to do it. Definitely looked good though. 

On 12/21/2021 at 2:43 PM, Matt_AKA_Poth-O-Carry said:

that is truly beast mode.  well done! 

Yo, for sure! This thing had massive leaves. At least, compared to my pothos growing in dirt... I thought I had a picture of my hand next to it, but apparently not. This is the best I could find. Most leaves were the size of an adult's hand. The also have a richer green than my potted ones.



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