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Are this snails eggs or corydoras eggs


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On 12/11/2021 at 6:58 PM, Minanora said:

Cool! I hope they hatch. Fingers crossed for some baby pictures! Hillstream photo bomb for the win.

Also, beautiful piece of wood in there! Plants look amazing, too!

Hi, thank you I’ll post more pictures soon and hopefully they do hatch 

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I like to feed mine BBS as I can see if they have eaten (little golden bellies). I also do frequent water changes to make sure the water does not foul (especially if I feed repashy). I use a piece of airline tubing rubber-banded to a chopstick so I can suck out debris and poop (into a mason jar) but have to be careful, I definitely siphoned one out before (it was fine). Mine are in a "specimen container" hanging in my main tank and I was able to rig up a small system using tubes and air to "pump water" into the container which cascades back into the main tank (with a piece of sponge to make sure no corydoras flow out).

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