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  1. Do I freeze them in the water from the hatchery or regular water
  2. I keeeo going down and saw you out the link thank you big help
  3. May i ask where did you buy the planter you got attach to the glass?
  4. It’s what I’m seeing, fist i though they are sick, but they are eating and seems to be okay so they don’t look sick, but it was new to me to see that behavior
  5. Thank you for the information much appreciate
  6. Hi everyone, I have a Kuhli loach and it’s been really active lately there is 2 of them but I everything I read it says they stay hidden and are nocturnal but mine are super active and I’m sorry something is wrong All test looks good on water and it’s hard water i try to post a video put i can’t and they are swing across the tank up and down all over I do have a air stone and the other fish seem normal
  7. Jcdli


    Great read, thank you
  8. I watched a old video of Cory where he talked about foam being a sign of amonia and I was wondering if this count as that, my paper test doesn’t show amonia at the moment but i don’t know if this foamy means I’ll get it soon i should add i just did a water change too and I add prime
  9. Hi oh I see, yeah there is a lot roots inside the little cave and the kuhli loaches love to stay there
  10. Thank you, at this point I’m not even adding easy green because plants are doing good
  11. I have some other plants that are burry and the roots look great like white and strong but I never had plans before, but my Anubias is giving a lot rots and growing, yes they are beautiful fish I use to have 2 but they bullie each other and one pass away but they are great it’s so fun to see them going through the sand and they are colorful
  12. Hi yes I have root taps I don’t use them cuz I have sand and I have few fishes that move the sand a lot but question if my roots of plants are white and they look very alive does it mean there is nutrientes on the sand
  13. Yeah I’m using prime at the moment a member of the forum recomend it, when I had a spike and that works wonders but stinks jajajajjaa
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