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  1. I do weekly water changes of 35 gallons of water but I don’t do much gravel vacuum I have sand and haven’t find any good wait to gravel back sand
  2. So drop all lifts to 40 percent and blue to 0 percent one more question is blue important or it’s not for plants
  3. Yeah I did some cutting yesterday I cut some roots too well trim
  4. Thank you and it will be all of them at 40 meaning all the colors
  5. I drop the ligth to 50 percent since I got it
  6. I’m dosing 7 pumps since it’s 70 gallons
  7. Yeah wow looks great what are your ligth 100 percent
  8. I have a FluvalSmart plant 3.0 This is the parameters
  9. I get this algea and week plants what can I change I’m dozing easy green and ligth only 8 hours
  10. What kid. If string like fishing string
  11. Si is it safe to glue the roots to the rocks
  12. Oh got it I’ll give it a try
  13. I was going to do that but I need a floating rig because my they will go down to my sump and die
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