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Help! Ich or velvet or…?


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Nitrate: 5

Nitrite: 0

gh: 300

kh: 120

ph: 8

chlorine: 0

ammonia: 0

temp: 80f

Ok, bit of a long story but bear with me.

I got 4 platies and 4 mollies from ac about 4 weeks ago. I quarantined them and treated maracyn then para cleanse, near the end of the para cleanse treatment the male molly got a few cloudy white spots and died about 4 days later. I then dosed ich x every day for 3 days. During that time A platty died, I hadn’t seen any spots on her or any of the other fish the whole time. Her body was quite crooked and she hadn’t eaten for several days so that makes me think it was unrelated?

I then put the 6 remaining fish in my 30 gal planted community tank. (6 petricola cats and a bristlenose). The next day I noticed one tiny white spot on one of the platies so I put her in quarantine and started treating with ich x. She kept just the one spot for about a week then got like five more. The cloudy white spots seam to have gotten a bit lighter since. I read about stress ich and am wondering if it could be that? See dots on her tail.



A week ago I noticed 2 of the Molly’s had lots of cloudy white spots so I quarantined them to. Their spots mostly went away after a few days but there are still some cloudy ones that don’t look quite like their white markings. (Looks like there are more spots that there really are due to plant bits in water)


Another thing I noticed is that my aquarium glass had a bunch of cloudy white spots. See third pic. Idk if it’s related or just algae. I cleaned them off since then.


I have been treating ich x inconsistently for about 2 weeks. They seam to have gotten a bit better but I guess I am wondering if I should continue or do something else? I am also wondering if it is really ich or if it could be velvet? They all eat and act normally.

I might be overreacting as it seams to be getting better, but I want to be sure that I am doing the right thing.

thank you! And again sorry for the long explanation!

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I can’t tell from the pictures my eyes are not great. Ich is flat to the body clearly defined spots rarely spots on the eyes epystylis will populate on the glass stands out from the body often found on the eyes and has a less defined appearance. Velvet very distinctly looks like gold dust on the fish. Hope that helps and that someone who can see better chimes in for you. Best of luck. 

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He's how tell Epistylis from ich Epistylis feeds on bacterial on your fishs body the best treatment for Epistylis is kanaplex in food if your not sure whether it's ich or Epistylis you can do a combined treatment of kanaplex in food and ick x to treat the water column



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