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How do I post videos ??? Android

Kyle murfitt

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To add pictures

1.  You would click on the ad files with a paper clip next to it

2. Once you click add files it should have photo library

3. Then you choose the photos from your photo library on your phone and they will show up just beneath where it says add files and then wherever you want to enter them hit insert

On 12/2/2021 at 10:00 AM, BuzzDaddy21 said:

Damn, I can`t believe I figured this out.

Anyway, what about pictures from an iPhone to da computer???


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You can add pics right from your phone if that is easier. You just hit the ADD FILES with at the bottom with paper clip. It should say photo library. If it does not let me know and I can help you fix that. 
 After you hit the photo library it should go to your photos on your phone and you can see the pictures. Click on the photos and hit add and they will show up under the add files hit insert to add the pictures to the post. Sounds hard it is not. 

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