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Hi all, this might sound silly but, is there any harm to painting the back and sides of a tank. (I`m thinking black.)

I ask this because many moons ago I had 2 Discus and they somehow jumped out. I think someone startled them.

Never did get any more and that discouraged me about having fish, plus other things.

So fast forward 30years and will try again.


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On 11/27/2021 at 4:11 PM, BuzzDaddy21 said:

Do I have to thank each reply?


No you dont have to thank them. But it is common practice to use the "like" or "thank" button to thank each person instead of referencing them individually. 


If  you put your courser over this grey heart.


This Should come up and you can pick which expression. The like is the blue heart and the thank is the purple trophy 



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