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Injured Fish 😢

Terri L Coon

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The snails should be ok with the salt. What I would do is is do a 30% water change. PUT the water you removed in some Tupperware and put the snail in it then add water that is wide and tall as you have. It you have an air stone I would put one in the snails temporary home because yours can only breathe under water not like mystery snails that can breathe with a siphon. Then the snail will be unharmed. This is the most cautious way it’s not my snail I probably would’ve left in the tank but the safest way is to take the snail out.  I had a fish hit a rock I just added salt. 7A1A584A-6843-4679-9CEF-0492EE36CC15.jpeg.3bf4987fec7f2a7be4354ceff598ae57.jpeg@Colu helped I just did salt and Monitor and it looks great now. There were lots of Malaysian trumpet snails as they did fine.

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