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  1. Thank You, I added fish when I thought it was cycled, there wasn’t enough good nacho handle the bio Load so I am trying to keep them safe until my filter catches up , would you recommend I keep changing the water until it catches up ? Thanks
  2. I have a question?? Does seachum Prime or Fritz Complete actually detox Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate? Thanks
  3. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Found these guys in my tank which house Goldfish , Hillstream loaches,and snails. Pretty sure they are Goldfish Fry , but maybe Hillstream?
  4. I have Japanese Trapdoor snails I could quarantine her ?
  5. Is salt ok to use on Hillstream loaches and snails ?
  6. My fish wedged herself between the filter and glass , scraped her side up thinking of treating my tank with general cure and Erthromycin , would you recommend quarantining her also ?? Thank You 😊
  7. Love that they are a smaller in size 💜
  8. Would love to add one of these beauties, Can they thrive in cooler temperatures 74-75 degrees?
  9. Nick I know it’s like my Ammonia not yellow and it’s not lime green somewhere in between maybe 10 ppm lol , I just performed a 40 % water change last night should I perform another water change this evening?
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