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Plants Are Deteriorating

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I’ve got several plants that are struggling in different tanks right now.

Temps: 78-82°

pH: 7.2 gH: 4-8

weekly water changes. Dose ferts weekly, CoOp easy green and flourish excel. 

Using FLUVAL 3.0 lights around 50% strength. 



broad leaf plants like Amazon sword and some Anubis’s are developing small holes and yellowing. 

TANK 2 & 3

got some plants for another hobbyist and almost all of it totally melted within 48 hours of being in my tank. His parameters were a lower pH but temps were comparable and he hasn’t had any issues gifting plants to others historically. 



any ideas? Thanks in advance. 

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I would suggest bumping up the EG dose first, Followed by some root tabs and smaller water changes. I have successfully used tabs from Planted Aquarium Concepts to compliment the Easy Green because I was not looking to boost the Nitrogen levels and the tabs offered some nutrients that the EG did not..

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What’s the stocking in the tank? Any plecos? I ask because plecos love sword plants. 

How Mature are these plants? Less than 3-6 months in the tank? Usually you will still get some transition from the high co2 and pristine water of the coop to your tank. It may be that the time has come for transitioning to your water. I’d do a good trim of all the dead and holey leaves, I’d follow the recs above from @lefty oand @Tanked about increasing ferts and placing root tabs and then I’d not make another change for 2-4 weeks to monitor for signs that it’s doing something - new leaves, less beat up leaves, more green and less yellow/brown. Keep up the same water changes and light schedule. Then reassess and make another change if needed.  

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