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Stocking Ideas?


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Hey all you wonderful folks!


I got myself a 29 gallon tank that's been running happily for awhile and I'm about ready to get my last residents moved in but I'm having trouble figuring out what's perfect  to finish it up


its a heavily planted tank, Driftwood, Black and White gravel mix

PH: 7.0


GH: Off the Charts, around 22ppm

Current Stocking

7x Cardinal tetras

3x Dwarf Red Gourami ( 1 male, 2 females)

6x Salt and Pepper Corydoras

I live in the Chicago area so our water is hard and my local stores fish are all raised and bred in this water so I'm not too worried about compatibility parameters wise but I'm just looking for ideas on what fish would just look pleasant with my current setup. I'm leaning more towards another small school of mid to top level fish that would look great with the cardinals. Thanks so much in advance!

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If you want another small schooling/shoaling fish you could try Ember Tetras, they would give a nice orange pop to go with the reds and blues you have. 
You could also do Black Neons for a contrast.  

Sounds like great stocking so far, I'd be tempted to just get more cardinals!

I also read Guppies are great tankmates for Cardinals, and I'm a little partial to Guppies.   

Good luck!

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