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Hairy puffer


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On 10/19/2021 at 5:45 PM, Cohen said:

Hi I am very interested in keep a hairy puffer they look so much like a rock.I was  curious about the care requirements and mostly the tank set up. Any photos would be helpful. 

Im a total hairy puffer guy.....all in. So much so that I have bred my mekong puffer (pao palustris) to learn how to best raise the hopefully future hairy puffer fry. 


Hairy puffers have rivaled the other species of puffer as the one of if not the most personable for me. My Hairy Puffer colony of 3 adults, which could go violent at some point, has been happily together since 2018. They have been exhibiting spawning behaviors since early this year but have not yet produced eggs or fry. I feed them frozen krill with vitachem, mystery snails, and normally house them with a barb colony to clean up. They generally reduce the population of the Barbs for a few weeks but the population then stabilizes. 

Snails for my crew are size dependant they do not break the shell they go for the snail meat and pull it out. 77-78 7.0ph  300tds easy green and live plants . Good flow and filtration lots of plants has worked for me. I use a powerhead, a bigger hang on back with just floss and sponge. Water change is 20% every week or two depending on feeding.  I mostly just need to remove duckweed. They only eat every 4 days or so. 

Spawning behavior from 2 of them. 4-5" clay pipe 


Bigger likely male maybe 3/4 size of likely female who is a broader head shape and was the biggest of the 3 when purchased 


This is the tour I did of my fishroom with a good portion of the hairy puffer set up I use. Caves sand live plants and whatever flow you have handy. I would probably consider more rocks and taking the coop powerhead and medium sponge filter set up or using 3/4" PVC to put the powerhead on one end and the sponge over the other end to make a constant river flow across the long end of my tank. 





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